Top 2018 Kitchen Design Trends that are Here to Stay

Thinking of renovating your kitchen? Here are some of the latest trends used by top interior designers in 2018. Kitchen is one of the busiest room of your home. From your first cup of coffee in the morning to mid night snacks, your kitchen is serving various purposes during any part of the day.

Harm’s Kitchen is your one stop shop for all your kitchen renovation ideas in Winnipeg. Our professional kitchen contractors will update and renovate your kitchen on time and budget. Our clients ask us about how to design a perfect kitchen for them? Kitchen is personal and unique to every family. It should always be about your convenience and choice of colors and appliances suited to your lifestyle.

A clean lines design has become one of the most popular kitchen design choice of home owners in Winnipeg. A clean designed kitchen has an open layout of the kitchen. There are many ways to have a kitchen that practical yet elegant. One of the latest trends is to use two different material in the kitchen. Two complementary tones bring out the best of each other in the kitchen. In our catalog, you will find we have used whites and browns together. These are different materials from our various design lines. White color is still one of the most popular color choice among the leading kitchen interior designers. Some of our clients suggested that wanted a warmer toned kitchen along with the use of white colors.

In 2018, natural and earthy tones are making a come back in the kitchen. Muddy greens, woody browns are making a comeback. Soapstone countertops are gaining popularity and are touted as the next trend in the countertop choice. These soapstone counters require minimal cleaning and are naturally resistant to bacteria growth. Making it a perfect choice for your next remodeling project. Quartz and concrete countertops are two other popular choices for durable and stylish choice for your new kitchen in Winnipeg.

Stove and vents are fundamental part of every kitchen. At Harm’s Kitchen we carry some of the Winnipeg’s finest luxury brands. Induction and gas stoves are the some of the best performing stoves. Bosch, Thermador and Gaggenau are the choice of renowned chefs of the world. They are known for their quality, performance and durability. All the while there is no compromise on elegance and style. High efficiency and statement hoods are always in style. At Harm’s Kitchen we carry the best of the best for you, so you don’t have to compromise on style.

Another important and practical part of the kitchen is the center island. Our kitchen contractors can install any type of personalized island made with different materials. It can be customized to suit your needs. Many clients want additional sink and faucet. Open display islands are gaining popularity. We also install LEDs inside the glass cabinets. So, your best china displays can come to life. Many clients are also opting to install appliances in their kitchen islands. As many people are opting for clean lines kitchen design and want to remove appliances from the line of sight. Our kitchen designers and contractors will integrate your appliances in a convenient manner.

Appliances garage is another popular feature many people choose from our catalogs. It is essentially cabinets specifically designed to store certain appliances, such as coffee makers and standing mixers. This appliance storage cabinets allows for open and clean counter space which makes the kitchen appear bigger and neat.

Metallic trims and accents add elegance to your kitchen. Sparkling water faucets and programmable LED lights are some of the most requested features in 2018. Call us today to receive a free consultation for your kitchen renovation project.

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